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Sunday 26th July 2020 - Hot Cakes!

It’s going to be a shortish blog today. I have been busy with various things in the garden as well providing information to the Estate Agents, who will be marketing my late Mother’s home. Then there was the seal rescue which was aborted when the seal pup went back into the sea just minutes before I arrived on Cromer beach along with a Marine Medic. And now I have forms to complete for the solicitors who will be dealing with the conveyancing.

So, what about hot cakes, if not necessarily hot? Well, firstly I forgot to mention about the new self-raising flour I purchased for cake baking. Since the bread success, following a change of strong bread flour, I have made two cakes, a sponge and a battenburg. Both of these turned out well, so I can only conclude my earlier failures and frustrations were all down to the flour. Who would have thought two types of flour from two different suppliers could be so different, giving very different results.

‘Selling like hot cakes’ is a phrase often used when sales rocket. It is certainly a term which can be applied to the current property market, here in Overstrand. The gloomy forecast of the effects that Covid-19 will have on both individual’s finances and the economy are certainly not stopping people buying property in the village. In fact, two houses which came on the market in the past week were under offer within days, while others, which have been for sale longer, now display ‘SSTC’ (Sold Subject To Contract) on Right Move’s site. These are certainly strange times, in more ways than one, we are living in.

All in all the summer so far has been good. This morning’s sunshine brought out higher numbers than usual of people walking their dogs on the beach, as well as beach casting. Today’s photos were taken this morning, when the sun was still low in the sky, of the fishermen and yet another of the beach towards Cromer, to add to my already extensive collection of this view.


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