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Sunday 13th March 2022 - More than an Author, Copyright Issue and Sea Defences

In my blog for the 21st February I mentioned village author, Laurence Staig. Laurence’s latest book, Told at Dusk, Remembered at Dawn last month and on Friday morning it was a pleasure to visit him in his home for a chat. Laurence has been recording four of his short stories from Told at Dusk, Remembered at Dawn and these will be broadcast on Poppyland Radio, followed by Laurence explaining why he wrote the stories. As we chatted, Laurence told me about some of his past experiences and involvement; he has most certainly had an interesting journey through life. When a firm date has been set for the broadcasting of the selection of Laurence’s stories on Poppyland Radio, I will put up a post of Overstrand Life’s Facebook page.

Friday then took a downturn when it was discovered part of a page on my website had been copied and pasted elsewhere. What’s the problem, you may ask? Well, because they hadn’t acknowledged its source i.e. my website, it was quite simply a breach of copyright. Before I published my first book in 2015, I took time to look into the whole subject of copyright; over the ensuing years the rules etc. have not changed. I have, in the past, used photographs in my blog not taken by me but I always give credit to the owner, whether they are an individual or a company etc., that way I don’t breach their copyright. No need for me to go into details as the website covers the subject clearly and succinctly. The software company I use for my website, have referred the matter to their legal department and for this reason, I won’t be revealing the offender.

I don’t know what is happening to the sea defence repairs, mentioned in my last blog, but all the shuttering and rods have been removed (compare today’s photo against the one in my last blog). This section of the beach remains cordoned off and cannot be accessed, unless you are prepared to clamber over or through the barricades! All the plant and equipment remains and we noticed this morning, the ramp down onto the beach is marked up with red paint. No doubt in the fullness of time; all will be revealed.

One final comment of interest to villagers, Overstrand Together and Overstrand Parish Council have announced the dates for village events, plus there is a date for Rockstock. I have updated my Village Calendar page to reflect these.


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