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Monday 31st January 2022 - Storm Damage

We were told to be prepared for high winds on Saturday. They were not as bad as forecast, so it was a surprise to see the damage along the sea front on Sunday morning. Railings had been ripped out from the concrete, some prostrate on the promenade, others were on the beach. A number of sections, although still in place, need work to repair the fixings which have been lifted and in some cases severed. The steps from the ramp, west towards Cromer, are in a sorry state with no hand rail left to hold on to. A number of beach huts were jostled again, (see blog dated 7th January) with two blown over. Fortunately none look badly damaged and all have retained their contents. It was a sorry scene but nothing like the surge in December 2013 when, observing from the cliff top, we watched the beach huts swirling in the sea and heading towards Trimmingham. We can only assume that, at high tide Sunday morning (approx. 4.30 a.m.), the winds which were far stronger further north had built massive waves which crashed in, causing the damage. Talking this morning to a couple who live not far from the cliff where the damage occurred, they felt their home tremor when the full force hit the coast. The winds built again yesterday evening but there appears to have been no further damage. They have continued throughout today with more force than Saturday’s.

I’ll leave you with a selection of the photos I took on Sunday morning.


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