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Friday 17th September 2021 - Imposters and Off to Work

Not a bad week weather wise, a fair bit of rain on Tuesday but it was what the garden needed, so no complaints there. There is definitely an autumnal chill in the mornings with heavy dews on the grass but it has soon warmed making it pleasant to be outside. With the bucket and spade brigade back at school, we are now seeing visitors to the village wearing walking boots with rucksacks on their backs and some carrying walking poles.

The talk at our WI meeting on Wednesday was titled Titanic Imposters. This left plenty to the imagination as to what the speaker, John Balls, was going to cover. I did wonder if it was going to be about similar liners that didn’t suffer the same fate as the Titanic but no, it was about some of the passengers who changed their names for the voyage. These passengers varied from gambling scoundrels, to lovers, to people escaping for something or someone, as well as those who held a ticket purchased in the name of another. In the days when there was no real requirement to have a passport, deceit proved easy. With women and children taking priority on the lifeboats, we heard about one man, who dressed up in women’s clothes in order to secure a place in one of the boats, while three men bribed the two boatmen on another lifeboat not to pick up any more from the sea, fortunately their bribe failed.

On Thursday morning we watched the fishermen going off to work, in other words launching their boats. Andy was the first off and I managed to zoom in and get a couple of shots as he backed his boat onto the beach and launched into the swell. Looking east, was another totally different sight; the sun coming up out of the sea which at one point looked like a hot air balloon, without a basket. There was a strange effect on the horizon; making the sun look as though it was pink striped with a red perimeter. I have chosen some of the shots I took as todays’ photos which, as I have said, were taken in zoom and therefore not particularly sharp.


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