Wednesday 26th February 2020 - Quiet

The village is very quiet, with not a lot going on. Not really surprising, given how unpredictable the weather is during February. Next Tuesday (March 3rd) Overstrand Together are holding an open meeting for villagers, where amongst other things, arrangements for forthcoming events will be discussed. Following this, on Wednesday, is the monthly Parish Council Meeting in the Parish Hall. The Parish Council are organising a VE Day Street Party on the Sports Field on Sunday 10th May. They are enlisting support from the various groups and clubs in the village, Overstrand Together being one of the groups who will be involved. Having said, there is not a lot going on, this is not entirely true as

Saturday 22nd February 2020 - Impatient, Ignoring the Weather and First Crabs

February has to be my least favourite month of the year. Once we get to the end of January, I get impatient and want to see spring start in earnest. February often proves to be miserable and to my mind, this year is no exception. However, I have chosen to ignore the weather and, in addition to the usual cleaning, washing, cooking, ironing, shopping and walking Barney, I have done a number of things. It wasn’t until I listed them here that I could see; I have been far from idle. Probably best to skip the following sentence in italics; the listing is for my record and not as some may perceive it - bragging! I have planted broad bean seeds in trays in the greenhouse, hosed off a mat after a 500

Tuesday 18th February - Storm Dennis and Diversity of Walks

Those of us, who live along this part of the east coast, should feel fortunate to have not suffered too badly from the effects of both Storm Dennis and Storm Ciara. There have been massive floods etc. further west and to the north, causing considerable damage to homes and farmland. If this is a direct result of climate change, and we are to expect weather like this in the future, I wonder what will become of those areas which have been severely affected. The damage, which I have heard about, here in Overstrand caused by Storm Dennis has not been major. The extent seems to be fencing blown down and a tree across the footpath leading from Pauls Lane to the Church. One of the advantages, for us

Friday 14th February 2020 - Cold and Bright and Orchids

The winds have been making it feel cold, and there has definitely been the chill we associate with winter, rather than the milder weather of late. When taking Barney for his walks, we have tried to avoid the winds, as far as possible. The field edges provided some shelter and down on the promenade wasn’t too bad either. We were compensated on Wednesday by the blue skies and with a sandy beach you could, almost be fooled that this photo was taken in summer. Of course the beach is not always sandy in summer; a sharp easterly at any time of the year will strip away the sand, revealing stones and flints. Storm Dennis is set to sweep across the country this weekend. With the surname Dennis being

Monday 10th February 2020 - Outdoor Spring Cleaning and Storm Ciara

I have quite a number of pots and trays in the greenhouse; most are overwintering plants whilst the trays contain onions and lettuce seedlings. On Saturday morning they all came out so I could clean the greenhouse, prior to fumigating. As I moved the pots and trays onto the lawn, I counted them – sixty five in total. Now that’s a lot of going back and forth but I was able to carry the smaller ones, two at a time. Using a broom and a bucket of soapy water, I cleaned the glass and frame inside and out as well as the staging, finally rinsing with the hose. By late morning the greenhouse was dry enough to put everything back, and just before dusk I lit an eco-friendly fumigator which smelled str

Thursday 6th February 2020 - Concerned and Norfolk Lavender

It just does not feel like winter. It’s not, as we would expect with just the snowdrops in flower, but there are other plants in bloom in our garden, including crocus, primroses, pansies, camellias, violets, helleborus and not far behind, the daffodils. The last two days, although cool in the shade, have been warm and sunny as if spring was here. I have taken advantage of the warmth, taking my mid-morning hot chocolate outside and sitting on the bench at the end of our garden. I haven’t sat for long, soon seeing something that would benefit from a bit of attention. The tomato seedlings are more advanced than last year, another indication winter has, so far, been a mild one. All of this advan



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