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Tuesday 18th February - Storm Dennis and Diversity of Walks

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Those of us, who live along this part of the east coast, should feel fortunate to have not suffered too badly from the effects of both Storm Dennis and Storm Ciara. There have been massive floods etc. further west and to the north, causing considerable damage to homes and farmland. If this is a direct result of climate change, and we are to expect weather like this in the future, I wonder what will become of those areas which have been severely affected. The damage, which I have heard about, here in Overstrand caused by Storm Dennis has not been major. The extent seems to be fencing blown down and a tree across the footpath leading from Pauls Lane to the Church.

One of the advantages, for us, of living here on the coast is the diversity of walks. The obvious, is a stroll on the beach where walking either east or west provides two different experiences. Overstrand is backed by fields and woodland. Here, wandering along the field edges or on a tree lined path gives you a real feel of the changes in season as well as an opportunity to see the varying wildlife. One of the walks we enjoy incorporates the footpath from the Cromer Road, along the boundary of Overstrand Hall, crossing over the Royal Cromer Golf Course. The path joins the cliff top path which we follow back to the car park on Pauls Lane and from here, home. Over the past months, we have observed the changes to the golf course which is currently undergoing a restoration programme to bring the course back to the architect’s, Tom Morris, original design. The greenkeepers are adhering to his principles with allowances for the cliff falls and growth in vegetation since the course’s original construction in the late 1800’s, and it looks as though the periscope has had a lick of paint too.


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