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Wednesday 28th September 2022 - Burrs and a Rainbow

Tuesday afternoon, we did one of the walks Barney enjoyed; across the back of the allotments and along the field edges. Once we were through the allotments, Barney could be let off the lead and enjoy the freedom of the path. I like to observe the seasonal changes in the hedgerows, and in the summer watch insects and butterflies visiting the wild flowers and grasses. However, whoever manages the field cut the wild flowers and grasses early this year which is a shame but now the ivies, in the hedges and growing up tree trunks, are in flower, pollinating insects are back along with a few peacock and red admiral butterflies. Heading down Madams Lane, there was a burdock plant with its seed heads; known as burrs. These brought back memories of when Barney got them in his coat or on his paws. They really were a pain to remove.

What strange weather today, one-minute, beautiful blue skies with fluffy white clouds and the next, heavy showers. We managed a walk this morning but rather than getting a soaking, decided against venturing out this afternoon. I have been putting away summer clothes, replacing them with warmer ones, and catching up with some paperwork. There is a small pile of envelopes on the table waiting to be stamped and popped into the letter box – when it stops raining. Despite generally using electronic means of communication there are times when paper and the services of the Royal Mail are a must. While we were eating breakfast this morning, I spotted a rainbow stretching from the sea, inland. I went into the garden to take a photo but it wasn’t until I loaded the shot onto my laptop that I noticed there was another very feint one above it. (After writing this, I was left unsure as to whether I should have said faint and not feint. I have looked up the meanings of both on the internet but I remain unsure which is correct in this rainbow context!)


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