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Tuesday 17th October 2023 - First Attempt, Putting Away and Village Events

I have edited the video I recorded on our afternoon walk last week. However, although I have loaded it to YouTube, the quality of the edited video is not as sharp as the original recording. I have looked at various apps, none of which impress me. The free ones either get poor reviews or the edits are watermarked. There are those you can subscribe to but, unless there is a ‘try before you buy’ facility enabling me to see the results, I am not prepared to pay. In the past, when Peter recorded our visits to Greece, he used a piece of software which I am now looking into. I have downloaded the manual, all 285 pages, which I will browse before signing up for a trial. If after this, the videos are good quality, I will purchase the software.

This morning, I packed away the last of my summer clothes and in their place put my winter wear in my wardrobe and tall boy. As I folded my summer tops, there were those I never got to wear, quite simply because we didn’t have enough hot days suitable for anything thin or strappy. Oh well, maybe next year I will get to wear them.

In the garden, I have started to move some of the pots into the greenhouse to overwinter. I am pleased with the perennials, I planted during the spring and summer; most of them are still providing colour. Next year, the new perennials will have bulked and should be covering more ground providing an even better display.

As the village quietens and we work our way through autumn and into the winter months there are still events to come in the village. This week, the Thursday morning village coffee mornings will resume. On the 28th there will be a celebration at the Belfry Centre for the 125th Anniversary of the Methodist Chapel. In November we have the Parish Council’s Firework Display on the 4th and Overstrand Together’s Christmas Bazaar on the 11th, which as in previous years will be spread over various venues in the village. This will be followed by the Remembrance Day Service at St Martins Church on 12th November. Over the weekend of 16th and 17th December, Santa will once again be touring the village, plus there will also be a sing-a-long. All of the above are on the Village Calendar page.

This week, we have watched some feisty seas breaking over the promenade as well as stunning skies, as the sun has risen. Today’s photo features just one of the sunrise photos I took from the cliff tops.


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