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Wednesday 25th October 2023 - More Rain, Trialling Software and More About the Poppy Appeal

Sunday was, as forecasted, dry enabling me to get out and clear leaves in the garden. Monday was dry too which is more than can be said for the ground. I decided to pull out the bedding begonias and replace them with the bellis plants, I had grown from seed, and baskets of dwarf daffodils. The ground was absolutely soddened and by the time I had finished, my kneeler was wet and my gardening gloves, soaked through. Yesterday it rained pretty well all day, so the soil remains stodgy. As if we haven’t had enough, it’s going to be a wet day tomorrow. However, in view of the conditions faced in other parts of the country; I’m purely stating facts as I find them; it would be insensitive to complain. Before I move on, two areas of the car park on Pauls Lane have been sectioned off. These are where underground streams run out towards the cliffs and where, if cars parked in this area, they would most likely get stuck in the mud (I heard that one did). The photo below, shows part of the sectioned off area, with a gap to the right for walkers to access the coastal path.

I have a new piece of video editing software on a fifteen-day trial. It’s the one Peter used for editing his videos of Greece. Definitely, way more complex than the free app I tried out and if I decide to purchase it, I am sure there are effects which I will probably never use. I tried it out yesterday on short clips taken on two mornings in mid-October of the waves coming in and crashing over the promenade. It looks fine and I have posted it on YouTube. Next, I will re-edit the first video and see how it comes out with regard to quality, compared to the original. What I need now, is another wet day when I can sit indoors and tackle this!

The sun has been shining today and it has been quite warm too. I decided to make the most of it and went out this morning to distribute most of the poppy trays and collecting tins around the village. I still have a few left and these will go out next week, after half term. The VAT invoices, requested for wreaths, have been emailed to me, I have received confirmation the poppy flag will be flown from the flag pole on the car park on the 11th November and the regular volunteers who assist with the count at the end of the appeal are all willing to help again this year. Tomorrow, I will be at the Coffee Morning in the Pavilion with poppies etc. and again next week. All in all, the appeal in Overstrand has come together nicely.


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