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Wednesday 14th July 2021 - Residents Revolt

Yes, okay maybe ‘revolt’ is rather a strong word for the reactions to the planning application to erect a sixty foot phone mast (telecommunications monopole) in the village but there have certainly been a good number of residents who have lodged objections with NNDC. Overstrand is, or should I say was, a sleepy coastal village but either way, we need to keep abreast of the times and to a certain extent, new technology. However, the proposed location of the mast, on the corner of Cromer Road with Pauls Lane, does seem to be without consideration, on behalf of the applicant and their agent, to the locality. There have been various objections to this location, including its proximity to the Belfry School, The Belfry Centre, housing and the Conservation Area. There have also been questions as to whether villagers need increased coverage as well as, in this location, it will not benefit tourists who congregate in the car park area and on the beach. This is as much detail as I will provide here. Instead, I suggest you put the kettle on and make a hot drink before sitting down and taking time to view the application and the ever increasing number of objections. Another thing to mention is, there has been some confusion as to the cut-off date for comments/objections so, if you have something to say, best lodge it now rather than missing the expiry date. Just one other thing; there is a Parish Council meeting on Thursday 15th July in the Parish Hall, in The Londs, at 7.30 p.m to, and a I quote from the agenda, ‘consider and agree’, this application. The meeting is open to the public but there are certain restrictions on the time allotted to the public within the meeting. See the agenda for more information.

Post script, after writing this I have been back to the application on NNDC’s site and found an objection from the Belfry Centre, stating they will have made the decision to close, if the mast is erected in the proposed location. What a disaster this would be for the villagers, to see this well used facility close. I am lost for words!


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