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Tuesday 26th April 2022 - Cold Wind and My First Recording

Well, that serves me right for washing and re-proofing my lined winter jacket, which I wear in the colder months when walking Barney. Why? Despite sun and blue skies, there has been such a cold wind blowing, mainly from the east. It’s not too bad in the afternoon but definitely cold first thing. I really could do with retrieving this jacket, now stored at the back of a cupboard but I am not going to, instead I will, as they say, grin and bear it and wear a body warmer under my thinner jacket for added insulation. Those living further inland will have been protected from the wind, by buildings, and trees etc.; in fact it has felt several degrees warmer by just walking up to the High Street. I did feel sorry for a family we saw on Sunday, wearing summer type attire and riding their bikes towards the front. As they passed, I heard the young girl say how cold she was feeling. I hope her parents had brought warm tops with them as she would have felt even colder when they reached the top of the cliffs. The back of the beach, below the promenade, has been scoured of sand leaving exposed flints and the turbulent sea brought in with it, as can be seen in today’s photo, algae bloom. On the plus side, the washing pegged out on the line, has dried well; there has been no need to use the tumble drier. I am hoping, when I come to write my last blog for April, the wind will have dropped and better still; changed direction too.

This morning, I made my first recording in Poppyland Studios. I won’t say, at this point, who my guest was, apart from them having such an interesting life there was no way we could cover everything in one programme. There is a definite skill in the timing to fit into a set for a programme. Towards the end of the recording I couldn’t help feeling anxious as minutes and seconds ticked away, but managed to complete within the thirty minutes at twenty nine minutes and forty odd seconds. I now wait to hear if the programme is approved before going ahead any further.


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