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Tuesday 21st December 2021 - Final Check and Facing the First Christmas

Well here we are, a few days away from Christmas. I have just finished my shopping list for tomorrow, which consists mainly of cheese and fresh produce to be sourced from the butchers and greengrocers in Mundesley. No doubt, I will then have a final check to make sure I have everything for the holiday period to feed us and our visitors before I start on the final preparations. This year is what could be termed as a mixed bag as some of us, after last year’s restrictions, will be looking forward to seeing family and friends, while others we know are facing the first Christmas without a loved one.

Our thoughts are, in particular, with a friend whose husband died on Saturday. His short but distressing illness, which as yet is unknown, has left her in grief at a time when they were preparing for the festive season. We have been friends since the turn of the century, when we lived fairly close to each other; before they moved west and we moved east. Our common interest was a love of Greece and we enjoyed visits to each other’s homes as well as to theirs in Greece. Our friend (I won’t mention names here), is not the only one we know who has lost a loved one during 2021, none of which were from the Covid virus. Undeniably a sad time but I hope they will all remember the good times and fun they have enjoyed together.

This is my last blog before Christmas and I leave you all now, with a photo of a couple of the festive hand painted stones in the planter adjacent to the shop and best wishes from Peter and me for a Very Happy Christmas.


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