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Thursday 28th January 2021 - On The TV Again and Does It Come More Exciting Than This?

This week, Overstrand featured on the TV programme Escape to the Country. This is the second time a property in the village has been showcased, if not on this particular programme; on one with a fairly similar title and theme. The programme is still available to view on BBC iplayer. The property, a converted cart barn on land which originally was part of The Pleasaunce’s estate, was the mystery house viewed by a couple wanting to move near to Norfolk’s coastline. As so often happens in these types of programmes, none of the properties they were shown were suited to their needs, leaving them to continue their search.

The village is pretty laid back and quiet during the winter months with very little exciting going on, but let’s face it, pre Covid-19 it was laid back most of the year, save for the holiday season and then it was hardly buzzing. Given it’s January, what we saw on Wednesday was definitely the excitement of the day for the village, if not for the entire month. My phone came out and its camera captured the old rusty tractor on the Fishermen’s Green being lifted onto a flat-bed truck. The truck blocked the road, resulting in a delivery van having to turn round – wow, even more excitement watching the van manoeuvring. The hoisting of the tractor was a skilled affair. If the main control box sensed the truck was not level/out of balance the whole procedure stopped until a manual adjustment was completed to rectify the problem – told you it was exciting! Now onto my today’s personal excitement – I have finished sorting the roof space. There are now neatly stacked boxes etc. stowed away, with a lesser organised area for items for a yard sale, and downstairs there is a rather large bag of papers waiting to be shredded. I ask myself, can life get any more exciting than this?


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