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Sunday 4th February 2024 - A Right Mess, So Mild and Spring Flowers

Each year, during the winter months, I check the links on my websites, to make sure they still connect. What I have not done in the past, when in the editing mode, is to check what can be seen on a laptop or tablet is the same as when viewed on a mobile.  I just assumed they were the same, apart from difference in layout.  Big shocks when I looked at Clifftop Publishing on my mobile – it looked a right mess and one page only showed the container and the vector and no wording at all.  It has taken some time but I am pretty sure the mobile view is fine now and what I have had to alter has not affected the laptop version.  I think, in future, it would be wise to do a check a couple of time a year, instead of just annually.


Yesterday, the weather was so mild, we were both out in the garden.  Peter was weeding and making changes on his vegetable plot, in preparation for the new planting season.  I spent some time, in the greenhouse, pricking out onion and tomato seedlings.  This was followed by potting up the amaryllis bulbs and alstroemeria bare roots plants, both delivered on Friday.  The amaryllis are an outdoor variety which I hope will flower this year and provide additional summer colour on our patio.  I also cut those leafy galls off the erysimums; only time will tell as to whether the plants develop any more.


There are numerous clumps of snowdrops in the village.  They naturalise freely and can be seen in the depths of rough areas and along the verges.  Those in our garden are only just showing the white tips of their flowers but if the weather continues mild, it won’t be long before they open.  Snowdrops are considered to be one of the first sign of spring.  Some of our crocus and primroses are already in bloom and we have pansies and a camelia bush flowering too, all beating our garden snowdrops. 


Today’s photo is of one of the first camelia buds opening.  Since taking this photo, this bud has fully opened and others have too.


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