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Sunday 1st November - Here We Go Again

Before I start, I need to say we live in a free country and as such we are all entitled to express our own opinions. We may not always agree with someone else’s views and therefore, you may not concur with mine. If you don’t then I hope you will appreciate there can be different points of view and see where I am coming from.

So, here we go again, heading back into lockdown. But did we need to? In my opinion the answer is; no. I appreciate it’s difficult but if we had ALL observed the Government’s advice we wouldn’t have seen an increase in the number of cases and deaths from Covid-19, resulting in the Government announcing a second national lockdown starting Thursday. Why is it that some elements of the population refuse to abide by sound advice? Is it a case of just not wanting to see sense or plain stupidity? I for one don’t know. The financial effect of a lockdown on businesses with a physical presence rather than those trading purely online is considerable. We have seen a number of businesses go to the wall this year. How many more, which are teetering on the edge, will be forced over the top and into bankruptcy as a result of the new lockdown? Again, I don’t know but I would bet there will be more than just a few. How much longer can the Government keep supporting local areas and paying furlough before the country itself becomes bankrupt? Once again, I don’t know but I do know the country’s current debt is frightening; it’s in trillions of pounds.

On a local village basis, when we go into lockdown again, are we going to see, as we did last time, those who deliberately disobeyed the rules and came to stay in their second homes? Last time, this resulted in the Police being informed and the offenders being told to go home. Some had the blatant cheek to return, only to be told once again to go home. I can see where they are coming from, wanting to escape to a quieter environment where there is less risk of contracting Covid-19, but it did cause a lot of bad feeling within the village and we don’t want that again.

On a lighter note, today’s photo is of the fishing boats down on the prom. After the gales at the end of September, when pots were damaged, it seemed likely that this would bring the crabbing season to an early end, but not the case. The boats have continued to launch bringing back hauls of crabs to cook, dress and then sell.


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