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Sunday 18th June 2023 - TV Channel 4, Postie Topper and Beach Walk

Last August, I was contacted via my website by Laura a representative of Yeti Television. She was trying to find the location of the mobile beach hut, built by village artist, Peter Talbot. Peter built this from the remains of beach huts which had been destroyed in the 2013 storm surge and washed up on the beach a little further along the coast. The TV company wanted to include Peter’s creation in one of their series of three programmes; Britain’s Best Beach Huts. I was able to confirm Peter’s beach hut is still in his garden in Overstrand and a few days later, I was able to provide Peter with Yeti TV’s representative’s contact details. That was almost the end of my involvement, leaving Peter and Yeti TV to arrange filming etc. At a later date, I was contacted again by Yeti TV and provided them with photos of storm damaged beach huts, giving my permission for these to be included, if wanted, in their TV programme. Last week, both Peter Talbot and I received notification of the dates when the programmes will be broadcast on Channel 4. The three programmes are based on different themes and although we have not been informed as to which programme Peter’s beach hut will feature, we think it will be in the first, titled ‘Traditional with a Twist’ which will be shown on Thursday 29th June at 8 pm. Neither Peter Talbot or I have had a preview of the programme’s content or format, so it will be interesting to see how his unique beach hut, which let’s face it is a work of art, is presented to viewers.

We have a new topper on the post box, outside the village shop. This is full of detail, right down to the postie holding a letter in his hand and ‘CR’ on the post box. This topper replaces the one knitted by Tina for the Coronation. I understand, Tina is in the process of knitting another which will be ready for September. I wonder what the theme will be for her next piece of handiwork?

On Friday afternoon we headed down to the beach, braved the steps which are, as they say, ‘an accident waiting to happen’ and strolled towards Cromer. As can be seen from the photo, it was a stunning afternoon and perfect for wandering along the areas at the bottom of the cliffs on the paths through the lyme grass, before returning along the sands. There was a variety of plants growing in the grasses, rugosa roses in hues of purply pink and white growing up the cliffs and happy to say, little in the way of litter. There weren’t many people on the beach but then the village has been much quieter and noticeably, there is less uptake of holiday lets. Is this a sign of the current economic climate or more taking to holidaying abroad?


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