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Sunday 16th July 2023 - We Visit Greece and Waiting for the Wind to Calm

We tend not to watch much TV this time of the year. On fine and bright evenings we enjoy sitting in the conservatory, looking out over the garden and listening to music or plays on the radio. However, we did sit, early evening the other day, before I cooked dinner and watched the two DVD’s covering our trip to the Greek island of Andros. Although we had been holidaying in Greece since 1997, filming did not start until 2003 when Peter purchased a camcorder. This was quite a sizeable piece of equipment to carry round on our walks and when technology advanced, it was replaced by a more compact version. Peter’s first film covered Andros and he continued to record our three trips a year through to our final one, to Crete in 2009. Photos bring back memories but Peter’s camcorder captured the true flavour of what we termed as, ‘Our Greece’. Watching our walks, in the various terrains on Andros, most certainly brought back memories, some of which I had quite forgotten.

Yesterday, with some apprehension, we waited for the forecast strong winds to build, hoping any resulting damage to our garden would not be too severe. Sitting here now on Sunday morning and writing this blog we are still experiencing feisty gusts, so the pots which blew over yesterday, which I moved to safe place are staying there for now and I haven’t been tempted to get out the broom to clear the leaves and dead bloom which has blown off the Portugal Laurel. One of Peter’s containers on his vegetable plot blew over; he secured this but some stems were broken. The runner beans and climbing French beans have taken a bashing but any wind burn damage, won’t be immediately evident. I have been on the lookout at the Car Boot Sales for small to medium sized decorative pots but, so far, I haven’t seen any that are suitable. Yesterday afternoon we went to the Garden Centre; here I bought two small pots, these were on offer, down from £14.99 to £9.99. They are strait sided so, unless they are top heavy, won’t blow over and will be perfect to pot on two of the plants which blew over in the winds.

Today’s photo strays away from Overstrand and was taken on one of our walks on Andros, in the Katakilos area.


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