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Sunday 10th September 2023 - Busy, Blow & Throw, Guide Dog and Topper

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Normally, following the August Bank Holiday, we see a considerable reduction in the numbers of visitors but yesterday (hot and sunny) the village was just about the busiest I have seen it all season. Today is going to be another scorcher so no doubt another day with the village full of people, making the most of the glorious weather.

I am not going to dwell long on this, but those who read my blog regularly will know we litter pick in the mornings. What we notice is, different seasons bring different types of litter. In the past, during the summer, we have picked up sweets, food and ice cream wrappers, cans, bottles and the like but when we headed into autumn, yes there is some of the aforementioned but we then cleared tissues – a case of blow and throw! However, this year we have been picking up tissues throughout the year. So, what is behind this? Blocked and runny noses, is the obvious answer, but why are people needing to blow and wipe their noses in the summer, when in the past they haven’t. We both have a good idea why but probably not wise to put this in my blog. Instead, I’ll leave you to ponder on this one.

The other week, we saw a Guide Dog stand outside Morrisons supermarket. I went over with the intention of giving a donation but this was refused, they weren’t collecting but recruiting sponsors. We listened while we were told about the long waiting lists for a Guide Dog, due to lack of funds available for training etc. Even those who already have a Guide Dog, who is coming up for retirement, cannot be guaranteed a replacement. I think we both assumed if you and your circumstances allowed, you would be able to apply and have a Guide Dog. Other information was provided after which we decided, yes, we would sponsor a puppy and make monthly donations, throughout its training. We signed up, received a confirmation email and yesterday, I received a pack with details and a photo of Douglas the golden Labrador puppy we are sponsoring and who will ultimately (providing he proves to be suitable) be given to someone who is blind or partially sighted. Yesterday, we started to watch a TV programme about Guide Dogs. We still have the rest to watch but what we have seen so far, shows it's a lengthy process from puppy to Guide Dog. A process which I hope Douglas completes successfully to become a life changer, as well as a companion, for someone who is blind or partially sighted.

Today’s photo continues with the canine theme. We have a new topper on the post box, outside the shop, which features Black Shuck. There are many stories and myths about this hound, which allegedly haunts the local area. There is more information about Black Shuck on Wikipedia and no doubt other websites too. Many thanks to Tina, who has been keeping the village supplied with her creative toppers.


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