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Saturday 7th August 2021 - Simply Overstrand

A quiet few days for us but that doesn’t mean to say we’ve been idle. At this time of the year, there is always plenty to do in our garden, and then there are our walks with Barney. I don’t have a lot to say today but I do have some photos to share with you along with some observations.

This is clematis vitalba, which grows freely in hedgerows. It is more commonly known as old man’s beard, this is because once the flower seeds set, the heads have long silky hairs.

A truly restful view towards Sidestrand. You can just see Strand House perched on top of the cliffs.

A perfect start to an August day, with an early morning walk along the promenade.

The ox eye daisies are having a second flush of flowers. They grow in profusion on the cliffs, alongside other salt tolerant wild flowers.

A somewhat misty morning when the gulls were enjoying feasting on crab remains, dropped over the side of fishing boats and then washed up on the beach.

Taken on the same misty morning, I think these two gulls had had their fill of crab and were digesting their breakfast.

Not sure whether this is a five or six spot burnet but whichever, it is one of the more colourful moths we see in the summer months.


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