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Saturday 13th March 2021 - Elaborations, Not a Long Wait and Tradespeople

I have little time for reading during the day, but I do like to pick up a book, be it paper or Kindle, at the end of each day. One of my favourite genres is walking, particular in the remoter parts of the globe. Seven Years in Tibet expanded greatly on the film, which only briefly touched on Heinrich Harrer’s escape from imprisonment in India and his walk with a fellow escapee to Tibet. I have just finished two of Levison Wood’s books; I am looking forward to reading more of his adventures. A recent purchase, which I have yet to read, is a copy of ‘Edge of Blue Heaven’, by Benedict Allen, one of the last true explorers, covering his journey through Mongolia. Of course a lot of the reading enjoyment comes down to writing style and one who, in my opinion, can’t be faulted is Christopher Sommerville, who wrote about his walk through Crete, following the E4 Pan European long distance path (we have walked sections of this path on our visits to Crete) in his book 'The Golden Step'. However, there is one writer, who I won’t name here, whose books I have struggled with. With such a wide varied life and experiences stored in his brain, he had a tendency to stray, adding pieces that were not exactly relevant to the walk he was writing about. Also, it later transpired, he elaborated his recollections with events that never happened so as to make them, what he felt, more readable. It was this writer who gave me the idea for my story, ‘Sleeps with Wolves’ in my book, ‘Truths and Lies’. I sincerely hope he is the only one guilty of straying from the truth. Yes, I know this paragraph has nothing particular to do with Overstrand, but I hope it has been of some interest to readers of my blog.

We didn’t have to wait long for our first crabs of the 2021 season. The shop was open when we passed on Friday morning; we wasted no time - out came my purse, two crabs were purchased through the window and carefully transported home ready to eat for our lunch. So you can guess what today’s photo is – yes, our Friday lunch, well Peter’s to be precise although there was little difference between the two. I must admit trying to find a different way of framing, for a photo, the first crabs each year is becoming a bit of a challenge!

I have just launched a new page here on Overstrand Life, with contact details of various tradespeople in the village. It is pretty well self-explanatory, with the opening paragraphs describing why I decided to set up the page. I hope villagers will find the information useful, if not immediately, some time in the future.


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