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Saturday 12th June 2021 - Garden Week

We have been so busy in the garden, doing this and that, that I quite forget to write a blog on the 10th (Thursday). The weather has been glorious, it seems a shame to be indoors when we can always find plenty to do outside. For this reason, today’s blog is going to be a short one, so that I can get back in the garden and enjoy what could break up at any time, into cloud, wind and rain.

My first photo today, is of the bench on the cliff top, constructed by a villager from wood washed up after the December 2013 storm surge. The bench provides walkers with a welcome break as well as those just wanting to sit and look out to sea.

The second photo was taken last week as we walked along the path that leads from the car park at Horsey wind pump over to the beach and the seals. I have a particular fondness for this area not just because of the tranquil walk to the seals, but there is also interest in the wind pump, the moored boats, the mere and I must not forget Ross’s Wildlife Trips in his boat the Lady Anne.

No introduction needed to my final photo of our fabulous beach. Very few people to be seen this week, enjoying the sands, now the children are back at school following the half-term break.


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