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Monday 24th July 2023 - Rockstock and Cutting Back

After doing our usual shop in Mundesley, on Friday morning, Peter went over to the Sports Field and helped erect the marquees, ready for Rockstock on Saturday. It was pretty well an all-day job; he left at nine thirty and returned just before four. While he was busy with the marquees, I cut back the overhanging plants, from a neighbour’s garden, using our extending hedge cutters. Never an easy job, squeezing between our fruit trees and the fence, while holding the cutters up high. Cutting back was followed by clearing the fallen debris after which I found several other things to do outside.

We planned a BBQ for the evening but with the weather like it has been, unpredictable, Peter ended up cooking, holding an umbrella above him, while it rained. After eating, we decided to walk over to the Sports Field and listen to some impromptu music in one of the marquees. I think this is referred to either as jamming or an open mic night. Sitting outside, it was cold and despite moving to sit in the pavilion, walking home, we felt quite chilly but, at the same time, thankful we have an electric blanket on our bed. It shouldn’t have been this cold on a July evening.

It rained on and off all day Saturday and it was cold too – I was back wearing layers!. We decided against going to Rockstock; we didn’t want to sit around and get cold again. Early on Sunday morning, we litter picked the area of the sports field used for Rockstock, while it drizzled on and off. Not much rubbish on the ground, so it didn’t take us long and judging by the volume of bottles, tins and plastic glasses in the bins, there had been a good turnout for the event with the marquees providing shelter from the rain.

Although I think we can term July as being a wash-out, I’m still not going to complain about the weather. Certainly not after reading about the wildfires on the Greek mainland and the islands of Rhodes, Corfu and Evia. Tourists may have their holiday ruined but it is the local people, who have had their lives disrupted and may have lost property to the flames, that I feel sorry for.

Today’s photos were taken on Saturday morning, before the rain set in, of the marquees on the Sports Field all set up ready for Rockstock.


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