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Monday 15th January 2024 - Indoors, Outdoors, Defibrillator Update and What Idiot?

Some welcome sunshine on Saturday which would have provided a good opportunity to get out in the garden but I had applied cleaner to our cooker’s two ovens on Friday.   I needed the main oven in the evening (I made a fish pie) so there was no alternative than, to get on and tackle the cooker, not just the ovens but the hob, the front, back, sides and underneath.  After a couple of hours, it looked nice and shiny.  Not so good, weatherwise, yesterday but as there was no wind, I spent a few hours tidying the greenhouse and a couple of borders.  Very cold and windy with snow flurries this morning, no gardening for me but housework, writing this blog and a few other things instead. 


It was two hours off high tide, when we went out this morning for our usual walk.  Despite this, the waves were already crashing over the revetments and the promenade.  Not wanting to be without my gloves, for more than a few seconds, I took a quick photo of the sea.  We noticed the barricade, sectioning off an area of the edge of the promenade, which was there yesterday afternoon, has been swept away.  Originally there were two sections of barricade.  The first went a few weeks ago, following a high tide, and now the second one has gone to provide a marine pollutant.  I am assuming it was the sea, unless someone cut the cable ties and chucked the barricade over into the sea or maybe took it away.  Whatever happened; what idiot fixed them to the railings with just cable ties? 


An update on the defibrillator on the wall of The White Horse.  The new one was installed in the casing, as planned, on the 9th and Glo Begley has forwarded me an email from the Parish Council’s Clerk, with the following message - ‘Following a meeting of Full Council on 3rd January, I am delighted to let you know that OPC agreed to adopt the replacement defibrillator (due to be installed tomorrow) located at The White Horse Public House. The Council will take on responsibility for its ongoing maintenance and repair.  Many thanks to The Friends of the Overstrand and Cromer Community First Responders.’ This is great news and hopefully we will see some more Parish Council managed defibrillators within the village before too long.


Today’s photos are of this morning’s chilly view of the sea and the barricade which was there yesterday and now claimed by the sea, or whatever.  (I took the barricade photo yesterday afternoon, along with a couple more, which will be included in a later blog, to show some of the repairs needed and yet to be carried out in the fourth poshest place in North Norfolk!).


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