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Monday 12th February 2024 - Memories, Cliff Slump and Coastwise

I have pretty well come to the end of my winter list of ‘things to do’.  There is one item, which is likely to feature on my winter lists for a few years to come.  When my mum passed away in 2020 (she was my last close relation), it struck me of all the memories that will be lost when I kick the bucket (not that I have any plans to do that anytime soon!).  I decided to write these memories down, starting with my grandparents.  I’m not sure why but last winter I made very little progress.  This year I decided to put, what I have written so far into some kind of rational order and insert some photos.  It is taking a lot longer than I anticipated.  So far, I have only completed memories of my Dad’s mum, my Gran.  It’s definitely going to be a long-term project and of course come completion; will any of our family be interested in reading the finished document?  Having said this, Peter encouraged his mum to write her memories, which she never did so we don’t have the opportunity to read them and those memories are now lost forever.


Today has been glorious, such a welcome change from the rain, which is forecast to return tomorrow.  We were told, this morning, about the cliff slump at the east end of the village but as the sea was breaking over the promenade, there was no way we could walk along and take a look.  This afternoon we did, what has become, our usual morning walk, taking a couple of photos of the beach as we headed towards to slump.  It has completely blocked the access road down from Clifton Way and is a mix of gloopy material and shrubby plants.  I was expecting to see at least one of the large lumps of concrete/masonry which have been gradually creeping down the cliff – they have yet to come!

Back in the village we went to the Coastwise event in the Parish Hall.  Well attended by villagers, we took a look at some of the displays, made comments using the post-it’s provided, answered a questionnaire and picked up some pamphlets.  However, we were unable to get near the table, displaying the maps, one which shows the parts of the village which are forecast to be lost by 2105. Fortunately, a friend in the village took a photo of the maps and posted them on her Facebook page, enabling me to see, come 2105 there will be a better sea view from our home.  Pity we won’t be around, definitely popped my clogs by then!


Three photos within today’s blog, all pretty self-explanatory - today's beach and sea bathed in sunlight, the slump, one of the Coastwise displays.


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