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Friday 7th January 2022 - Weather Change and High Tides

So much for me saying about it being a relatively mild winter because this week it has been; all change. We have had a visit from Jack Frost and in general the temperatures have dropped from double figures centigrade to single ones. Considering Norfolk is a dry county, we have had more than our normal rainfall. It feels as though at some point during each day, it has rained. Is this just exceptional or the result of climate change? The colder weather has not been entirely unwelcome as it may help to kill off some of the bugs. As mentioned in my last blog, there are slugs about (as well as those on Peter’s vegetable plot, Sid brought in a couple which had got attached to his fur) and today I found white and greenfly in the greenhouse. I was doing my usual weekly tidying of the geraniums, to keep them free of dead leaves and flowers, when I spotted the two pots of chrysanthemums are infested at the base of the stems with both of these flies. The plants are now outside where I am hoping a squirt of fly spray and the chill of the night will finish these pests off.

We have had winds and high tides this week resulting in flood warnings just down the coast, for the villages of Bacton and Walcott. The waves were enhanced by the winds which crashed over the promenade, making it impossible to take a stroll along the front with Barney in the mornings. I was alerted yesterday, by a beach hut owner, that NNDC have messaged owners about damage to the huts. This morning, which was altogether calmer, we went to check out their hut for them. It was fine but for others it was more a case of re-arrangement and jostling rather than any major damage to the huts. It took a few photos, to post on Facebook a couple of which I have included here. What will the weather bring next week……no doubt more rain!


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