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Friday 30th June 2023 - Britain's Best Beach Huts - Peter Talbot's Cliffhanger

Following on from my blog for 18th June 2023, yesterday evening, Channel 4 broadcast the first of Yeti TV’s programmes, titled Britain’s Best Beach Huts. There was a variety of huts, including village artist, Peter Talbot’s unique beach hut. Prior to its broadcast, I put up posts on Facebook, told friends and informed Eastern Daily Press (EDP). EDP contacted Peter and asked me for photos. They did a very nice write up for their websites but although another person was given credit for their photos in the article, mine were not. I have asked, why not, but have not received an answer. So, as far as I am concerned, no more heads up about local news from me. Very rude of them not to have acknowledged my copyright!

I was a little apprehensive as to how the presenter, Jay Blades, would conduct his interview with Peter, but I needn’t have been. The section of the programme covering Peter’s Cliffhanger beach hut, or as he termed it ‘my baby’, was brilliant. Jay Blades enthused over the design and construction of the beach hut, was in awe of how short a time it took to construct and marvelled that, apart from purchasing screws and nails, all the materials used in Cliffhanger’s construction were salvaged from the beach huts which were swept away during December 2013’s storm surge. As well as the filming in Peter’s garden, some stills were inserted, including one I submitted, as well as footage from drone photography. It was the drone footage which gave a true picture of Cliffhanger’s dramatic and picturesque location. This enforced, as if villagers needed to be, what a truly beautiful place we live in.

Of course, there were other huts featured in the programme but I think, (I suppose I would!) Peter’s Cliffhanger, had the ‘wow’ factor and judging from feedback from other villagers, they agree too.

This is not the first time, Peter and Cliffhanger, have been on the television. In 2015 they got to the final of the Shed of the Year competition. Since then, Cliffhanger has been moved from the front of the property into the garden which has provided, its current picturesque location. There are no prizes for guessing what today’s photo is……yes, it’s a shot of Cliffhanger, one which I took in 2015.


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