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Friday 28th July 2023 - Talking Shops, Trust and Yarn Bombed

I am going to have a bit of a gripe, well two actually! I get so fed up with the media reporting on climate change and saying, words to the effect; something needs to be done NOW as we experience an escalation in temperatures and a change in weather conditions. BUT does anyone, and by this I mean Governments and those in power, do anything of any substance to reduce our vulnerability …. NO. As far as I am concerned, it’s all talking shops with very little achieved. We, the populace, are encouraged to do our bit. Some of us do but I’m afraid others don’t. I think I have said enough on this, I’ll move on.

Another gripe is more of a question; who can we trust these days to act in our best interests? The Banks seem to be a law unto themselves e.g closing individuals accounts and local branches. Utility companies are making vast profits, so they can pay out dividends to shareholders and bonuses to Directors etc., while the consumers' bills increase. It seems we can no longer trust the Police either. Recently there have been reports about members of the Police force being prosecuted for various offences. As for the NHS, if we believe what is reported by the media, it could be described as; falling apart at the seams. This greatly upsets me. In the past I have received fantastic care from nurses, doctors and surgeons. The level of care I received should be available for everyone as standard, but having waited five months for an x-ray appointment, I have doubts whether this will be the case, in the future.

Now for something lighter, well not lighter but colourful. The Belfry Centre for Music and Arts has been yarn bombed. The Yarn Art Group, who meet in The Belfry every Tuesday, have created knitted items, ranging from bunting to covers for the door pillars. It’s adding a wonderful splash of brightness, to the village and what has been, so far, a pretty unimpressive summer. I’ll say no more as today’s photos portray the vibrant handiwork far better than words.


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