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Wednesday 12th July 2023 - Comma, Feeling Redundant and Not a Lot Going On

After saying, I hadn’t seen a comma, along with some other types of butterflies, I saw a comma near Curtis’ Garage in the village and then yesterday, Peter alerted me to one which had landed on my shoulder – I did feel privileged to be chosen as a resting place.

Over the past evenings we have seen fewer slugs and snails, compared to a few weeks ago. In view of this, we have decided not to go out on our evening slug hunts. Now our plants, except the lettuces, have toughened up these unwanted creatures, are no longer such a threat to our vegetables and flowers. With the hedgehog continuing to pay us a visit and a good population of frogs we are leaving the slugs and other nasties for them to deal with and now consider ourselves; redundant!

Not a lot going on in our lives, over the past few days. People wise, the village remains quieter than normal for this time of the year but will probably fill up, after the schools close down for the summer. Noise wise, there are various building projects being undertaken which has resulted in supplies and skips arriving on lorries, along with banging and sawing etc. from demolition and construction works. Then there is the stunt plane, which the other day was out three times with its raucous engine and exhaust. Definitely a case of marmite, either loved or hated - for the most part, villagers express the latter As well as sun and warmth, we have had some more rain, most welcome for the garden. We enjoyed a couple of BBQ’s and on Friday evening, walked to the Sports Pavilion where we sat outside with a drink while chatting to others who were also taking advantage of the warm evening. A visit yesterday morning to see a friend who has moved out of the village to the outskirts of Cromer, followed by a walk into the town before catching the bus back home. This afternoon our Ex WI group visited one of our group’s home for tea; very pleasant sat in her courtyard eating strawberries and cream, cakes and enjoying a glass of wine (well you have to have a change from tea from time to time!)

Today’s photos were taken this morning. The sea was calm and the sands unmarked by feet, whilst up on the cliffs, the ox-eye daises are in flower.


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