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Tuesday 20th October 2020 - Improvement, Ivy and Bed Making

With an improvement in the weather we have been catching up in the garden. Amongst other things, Peter has planted broad bean seeds and the garlic on the veg plot. Following the attacks by slugs and snails on the dahlias I had planted from seed and nurtured before planting out, I have decided to grow more hardy flowering plants in our back border. This has resulted in moving some plants to more suitable positions in readiness for additional ones.

The warmer and more settled conditions have brought out the insects to visit the ivy bloom in the hedgerows. I thought we may have also seen a few late red admiral butterflies too, but no. Maybe they have already gone into hibernation. Ivy bloom is far from spectacular but is most certainly attractive to insects, with today’s photo showing what looks to me to be a type of hoverfly.

Our young cat Sid loves ‘helping’ me to make our bed, especially when I strip the bed right off ready for clean sheets and pillowcases. This morning was no exception when there was a lump (Sid) under the fitted sheet as I secured it over the mattress. The blankets were savaged, did he think he was killing it like he would a mouse. When I came to the final layer, the bedspread, I gave up trying to produce a smooth effect that was until Sid decided it was time for a sleep, under the bed between the storage boxes.


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