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Sunday 26th March 2023 - Hardest of All, In the Garden and Truths Unveiled

Today I have crossed off the final item, on what I termed as my ‘winter list of things to do’. It was the last and hardest of them all. I made a start a couple of weeks ago by going through all our photos since the day we adopted our dog Barney, from FAITH Animal Rescue in Hickling. I copied and pasted into yearly folders all the photos we took, over the years, of him. It was then a case of going through each folder and deleting the odd one or two that were more or less duplicates, and this is what I finished doing today. As I went through it brought together his life with us, how he changed over the years, loved the beach and paddling in the pools at the end of the groynes, sitting by the barbeque, curling up with our cats (Tim, Poppy & Sid) and enjoyed visits from our family, in particular our grandsons. Yes, it was good to go through the photos but, as he is no longer with us, also extremely sad.

The past few days have been all about gardening. The lawns have had their second mow, the bay tree has had much needed trim, the grapevine has been pruned, the borders at the back tidied, a dead ivy removed, plants moved to the patio from the greenhouse making space for the tomato plants and geranium seedlings which had been in the conservatory. There is still the front garden to tidy, geranium cuttings to take and alyssum to prick out into trays but today is cold so unless it warms up later, Peter and I are spending time indoors.

I am going to tread carefully about what I am going to mention but I feel I need to say; I am astounded and also horrified at the data being revealed about Covid and in particular the vaccinations containing MRNA. Reliable and verifiable sources are publishing, for example, information that should have been made public, prior to rolling out the vaccination programme. These are not conspiracy theories but drawn from reports in the public domain and therefore, as I have said, verifiable. There are a lot of questions that need answering, which no doubt won’t be, heads have been metaphorically ‘buried in the sand’ and I would imagine over the coming months and years more data will come to the surface that will continue to astound and horrify me.

On a lighter and brighter note, today’s photo is one of several groups of hyacinths flowering in our garden. I enjoyed their perfume the other day, as I tidied the border they are planted in.


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