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Saturday 16th March 2024 - Spring Cleaning, Red Kite and Overstrand Hall Open Day

I’m having a sit down and a rest after a bout of spring cleaning.  On Thursday morning, it was a toss-up between going to the weekly coffee morning (with cake!) in the sports pavilion or tackling the laundry room.  With my conscience pricking me, the laundry room won.  Called the laundry room, this outbuilding serves a number of purposes, including where Peter brews beer and ferments wines, such as elderflower, apple, nettle etc.       


With the ‘bit between my teeth’, on Friday when we got back from shopping in Mundesley, I moved on to spring cleaning the conservatory.  I spent the rest of the morning washing down the inside roof, framework and cleaning the windows, finishing off today by washing the floor plus cleaning the glass case and sideboard.  Such a lovely day today, I made sure I sat in the garden with my morning coffee and later, did a bit of gardening too.  At this time of year, there are few pollinating insects about and I was just about to perform their role on the apricot blossom, with an old blusher brush, when I saw some bees were already at work; that saved me a job.  Peter has been busy on his vegetable plot, planting potatoes, spring onion and radish seed.  His plot is all looking very spruce, ready for this year’s growing season.


Walking up to see a friend in Northrepps, on Thursday afternoon, we spotted a red kite.  We were told the other day, by a village bird watcher, they had been spotted in this area.  I wonder if this one had strayed from Templewood where I believe, over recent years, they have started populating the woodland.  Where we lived in Bucks they were common and were one of the few things we missed after we moved to Overstrand.  This morning, we were sadden to see three squashed frogs on the lane outside our home.  There has been little activity in our pond today so I am wondering if these three were ones who have recently been croaking and laying masses of spawn, or they could be from our neighbour’s pond.  We get very little traffic during the evenings and night, which is when they will have met their fate.  So, what were the odds of them getting killed on this road?  I would have thought, very low.  We lifted them off the tarmac and placed them in a rough grassy area.


On April 21st there will be an opportunity to visit Overstrand Hall, between 11am and 3pm.  Entry is free and there will be some play per play activities.  More information can be found on this link to the EDP.  


Today’s photo is one of my favourite flowers, currently blooming in our garden, the primrose.  They seed freely in our garden to a point when I have to pull up self-set seedlings.


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