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Saturday 16th December 2023 - 'Of the Age', Far Wider and Disappointed

The drier weather has been most welcome.  However, it was a little damp on Wednesday when I walked to a friend’s house where our ExWI group met up for the last time for 2023.  Sausage rolls, meringues and assorted nibbles went down well with mulled wine and general chit chat.  All of us being ‘of that age’ there was the inevitable exchanges of ours and our spouses’ ailments, plus news about other ExWI’s and what we will be doing over Christmas.


Thursday morning, we were greeted with a stunning sunrise – we get so many here in North Norfolk which are so much better when seen with the naked eye – it spread far wider than my camera could capture.  Members of the Facebook group, North Norfolk Only Photographs, published photos of the sunrise taken from their locality.  I added a couple, (see the end of this blog) to a post from a photographer who was housebound and therefore unable to get out with their camera.  


I finished the last of the pre-Christmas cooking yesterday and have now moved on to the decorations.  Somewhat disappointed this afternoon when I walked to the Garden Centre, with the intention of purchasing some cyclamens, to have on our windowsills, and hyacinths as a gift for a friend.  No hyacinths and just a few remaining cyclamens which were reduced and to be quite honest, they weren’t worth buying, so I didn’t.  There were no suitable alternatives, so I came away empty handed, apart from the tray I’d taken with me to put the plants in.  With the decorations and tree up, the boxes they are stored in have been put away as we need the space in our spare room for our family when they visit over the holidays. 


Well, that’s all from me today.  Time now to finish off my online grocery order before cracking on with dinner. 


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