The Strand Club Meeting Reports

December 2020

This has been a different and, in some ways, difficult year, as it has for all groups and clubs. But we have had successes and pleasures during these last months which fill us with hope for the future.

Our charity for 2020 has been the Norfolk Accident Rescue Service and despite the restrictions we have been fundraising throughout. We sent off cheques periodically when the amount seemed to merit it. We held two yard sales, sold from our gates, had marathon jam-making sessions to raise funds, book stalls and sold a few items online. These were donated things for the yard sales which we felt were worthy of closer attention, for instance some vintage ice skates and an electric rice cooker.

As we were unable to have our Christmas party, Jackie had put together goody bags for everyone and she and Chris called on every single member, collecting box in hand, delivering them and wishing everyone a happy Christmas, a better New Year, and a happy return to our meetings. Once our deliveries were finished we deposited the box with Josie and drank her tea while she counted up. The final cheque was soon ready for despatch. Josie then made a grand total and to our extreme pleasure and satisfaction we discovered that we have donated £1065.50 over the year. We all deserve a HUGE pat on the back!

Strand Club.png

We will also miss out on another big occasion, sadly. Our inaugural meeting was held on 10th January 1996 which means we will be 25 this coming January. We were planning a slap up meal but this has been postponed until we are safe. We had some pens engraved with our dates and these were included in the goody bags along with Christmas cake, cracker jokes and other lovely things.

We have kept members informed with newsletters each month as everybody misses the happy chat which happens at our meetings and the interesting speakers and activities. Puzzles, jokes and quizzes have been included in the newsletters to keep up our spirits and to keep our brains ticking over.

We wish you all a very happy Christmas, even though it will be restricted for most of us. Now the vaccines are coming on stream, please take particular care of yourselves so that we can all meet once again in 2021 and continue our fun.

For more information about our club, please contact Jackie Hudson, Chairman, on 01263 720866 or Chris Wood, Secretary, on 01263 579433.

September 2020

On 9th September the Strand Club met for the first time since the AGM in March. We sat in the grounds of the sports pavilion in a wide circle. Fortunately this fell just before the new government guidelines which stops more than 6 people meeting inside or out.

The weather smiled on us and we all brought a picnic to help the day along. It was a happy time when we were able to catch up, enjoy a laugh or two, and discuss our hopes for the December meeting. We loved being out and about and tried to pretend everything was as it used to be.

Josie expressed the gratitude of the club to Jackie and Chris and presented them each with a gift in appreciation.

We set up a sales table in the grounds and several passers-by took advantage of it, as did we. This was in aid of the Norfolk Accident Rescue Service which is our chosen charity for this year.

Chris' yard sale raised £344 for NARS and Jackie will be holding another for the same excellent cause this Saturday, 12th September. Please come along and support us and the charity at 2 Cornish Avenue,Trunch, from 12 until 4.