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Overstrand Evening WI

Reflections and Onwards, by Nancy

No lovely relaxed Christmas meal for our WI this year.

No all kinds of so many things, all cancelled by Covid fear.

But WI bonds of friendship are never far away.

We are a close-knit clan, with friendships here to stay.


An only child, and not one planned,

When 17 years wed, my mum had ‘indigestion’

But then had me instead!

I had a lovely childhood,

And another ‘only’ met.

She lived a mere stones throw away –

We’re firm friends – even yet.


My mum moved to this village

(She didn’t have much choice)

But never joined in village life,

So never found her voice.


I feel I learned from her mistake

And after my dad died –

An early death we think today,

Once I had grieved and cried,

I joined our Evening WI –

The best move of my life.

Til then I’d trod that normal path

Of normal home-based life.


My widowed mum moved up with us,

Into a granny flat.

She was a real life granny too,

So really, that was that.

She’d been a conscientious mum,

And focused all on me.


As years slid past, I felt at last

There was far more to be.

I joined our new-formed WI

Which was a brilliant choice.

It’s given me a ‘family’, and given me a voice.


We last met on The Glorious 12th

Here in my garden sprawling.

That afternoon was baking hot …

Seductive shade was calling!

It was a joyful gathering,

Quite small but small is good,

And will live in my memory

As rightly so, it should.


When next we meet in these strange times,

I know not, but we will.

Of that I am quite certain

And once more have our fill

Of friendships, catch-ups, local news –

Of wild walks and much more.

We will survive and once more thrive

To savour what’s in store.

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