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Wednesday 1st June 2022 - Death in the Pond and Windy Visit

We’ve had a death in our pond. Out in the garden the other day, looking to see how our tadpoles are progressing, and there just below the surface was a dead frog; judging by the size, one from last year. The tadpoles were showing interest but when I ‘fished’ it out there was no damage to be seen on the surface of the frog. Such a shame as frogs do such a wonderful job in the garden. With its front legs tucked under its torso, I took a photo before burying it in the flower border.

Our eldest son and youngest grandson arrived on Friday evening, following a slow journey up from Bucks. Unfortunately, the weekend proved to be a windy one but this did not stop us going to the beach on both Saturday and Sunday, where sandcastles were built. Ice-creams were enjoyed, the playground equipment explored and we visited the village shop so our grandson could buy gifts to take home for his mum and elder brother. Our grandson expressed the desire to see the lighthouse but he’s only four years old, so we decided the walk along the coastal path and back would be a bit too much for him. Instead, we settled for a stroll up Madams Lane where you get a fine view of the lighthouse. Of course, this is a distant view so we gave our grandson an old pair of binoculars to carry and use to bring, in effect, the lighthouse closer. A cheap digital camera, purchased by our son, provided the first step into photography and pictures to take home to show and share. I thought we still had the game, snakes and ladders but no. As an alternative we played noughts and crosses and snap, plus a picture was drawn to take home. With sausages a firm favourite of our grandson, these were cooked on the BBQ along with some chicken and steaks, the latter a favourite of our sons. All in all, despite the chilly wind, it was a good weekend.


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