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Tuesday 21st April 2020 - Thirty Mutants, Easterly and Sympathising

Well here we are, further into lock down with no real light at the end of the tunnel. Peter alerted me to a report on Sky News, which states there are thirty mutants of the Covid-19 virus, some deadlier than others. This, they say, accounts for the higher death rates in some areas than others. The UK has been criticised for not testing, in particular NHS staff, for the virus but with thirty mutants does one test cover all? The number of mutants also brings a warning to vaccine developers who need to consider these mutations, which may increase in numbers. The outlook for us all is depressing, no wonder the sales of alcohol have increased!

Following some much needed rain, the sun and blue skies have returned. There is however, a keen easterly wind which is keeping the temperatures down. We have escaped the wind by walking further inland and on footpaths within the village. This is what we did on Sunday morning, setting off early while most people were still in bed. We only met one other, a villager walking his dog. Nature seems oblivious of the turmoil and uncertainty faced by humans; life in the natural world is carrying on as normal. Our walk was enhanced by listening to the birds singing, it was too early for the bees to be out buzzing, along with their fellow insects. The leaves on the trees are gradually unfolding and it won’t be long before the may (hawthorn) bloom opens. Despite the recent lack of rainfall, everything looks green and lush.

During these difficult times, and as I have said before, I have great sympathy for those who live in built up areas, especially those in flats with no personal outside space to enjoy. I also sympathise with those who have children and are working from home, trying to home school and amuse their offspring at the same time. It sounds an impossible situation. It is a great shame that holidays booked for the immediate months ahead, in the UK and abroad, have been cancelled. Most people, in this situation, have expressed their disappointment, but are also positive, saying they look forward to holidaying in 2021. (There are a number who have said words to this effect on Ivy Farm Caravan Park’s Facebook page) However, there are those who I find somewhat annoying, bleating on about being deprived of their holiday and spending time looking for news as to when they will be able to make a new booking. Maybe, whether they live in cities, towns or villages, they should consider, using their daily permitted exercise to find out more about their immediate area. There is always something new to learn.


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