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Thursday 7th May 2020 - Replenished, Swifts and Overstrand in Lockdown

There were almost whoops of delight coming from within our village shop this morning when I replenished my supplies of self raising flour and caster sugar, both of which have been in short supply. But I refrained in case others making purchases thought I was a little odd. Maybe I am a little odd but then, who wants to be classified as normal! Anyway, I also purchased a card, a cucumber to make tzatziki with and peppers which will go on the BBQ this evening along with our chicken souvlaki. Yes, it’s Greek night tonight when we will also have courgette fritters and dolmades, both made last year and frozen.

On my way back from the shop my ears pricked up to the squealing in the sky, the swifts are back. Not affected by lockdown, these birds have made their way from Africa and will entertain us with their dipping and diving in the skies for about three months before returning to their winter quarters. Swifts, together with red kites and skylarks are my favourite birds. Another bird at the top of the list are blackbirds. Currently they are busy collecting worms and bugs to feed their growing broods but late afternoon and during early evening the males find time to serenade us from the roof tops.

I am keeping this blog to a minimum today, substituting words with a small slideshow of photographs of Overstrand in lockdown. To move frames on, click on black arrow, about halfway down photo on right hand side.


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