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Thursday 2nd July 2020 - Wait and See

The owners and staff of the café, hotel, Conservative club, The Pleasuance and pub must be heaving a sigh of relief that lockdown has been released sufficiently to allow them to re-open on Saturday. I can see the Cliff Top Café have increased the spacing between tables, both inside and out in the garden area but there is no indication whether you have to book or whether, as before, tables will be allocated according to availability. The Sea Marge has posted on Facebook a special short breaks deal and outside there is a board stating they will be open for lunches and dinners but tables must be booked. The Conservative Club have posters on their doors denoting entrance and exit, and their Facebook page shows a revamped bar as well as confirming they will be opening on the 4thJuly. The two self-catering units at The Pleasuance are available to rent from this Saturday and the house will re-open on the 18th July. That leaves The White Horse, who will open its doors again at midday on Saturday, with a restricted menu and an offer of £3 a pint for beer. A post on their Facebook page details the arrangements for those arriving to eat at a pre-booked table or have a drink. I think that just about covers everything apart from the caravan park and holiday lets in the village which no doubt will be honouring bookings made before lockdown.

How things will pan out, with people coming to eat, drink and stay in the village is very much a case of….wait and see.

Today’s photos were taken a couple of weeks ago when our Portugal Laurel was in full bloom. The blooms have faded now and soon the tree will be covered in berries which when ripe and juicy will provide a good food source for the wild birds. The other photo is of one of the nemesia plants I grew from seed. These along with the other flowers, should provide colour throughout the summer.


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