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Thursday 25th February 2021 - Farewell, Easing and Contrasts

It’s time to say our farewells to the first two months of 2021. During this time, when we have been subjected to short days, rain, snow, a gale and another lockdown, I have not been bored. Each day I have had a list of things (love my lists) to work through, some more interesting and rewarding than others. Something I have not addressed fully yet, is expanding my website. I have made a start, by drafting an introduction to the village. After this I will add a page covering artists and tradespeople in Overstrand. The addition of tradespeople is in response to messages I have received from people who have recently moved into the village and are looking for a local plumber, builder etc. There definitely seems to be a need for an easily accessible directory covering these services. I hope I will be able to fulfil this need.

Boris’s plans to ease lockdown, towards ending restrictions, have most surely been welcomed. The fact that the four stages are reliant on data and not dates shows that we must all abide by the guidelines to avoid an increase in cases and deaths from Covid-19. It is apparent, if data shows there is a rise in cases and hospital admissions then the dates set, that lead us out of lockdown, will be moved further on. Our family were due to visit us over Easter, a visit that was postponed from April 2020, and will now, due to restrictions, be postponed again. Our home is small; therefore we cannot comfortably accommodate more than four, so a holiday home had been booked. The booking has been cancelled but with most of the accommodation now fully booked for the summer school holidays, it looks as though we may be looking at the October half-term before we can all have a get together. No doubt there are many others who are in the same boat – it’s a case of being patient.

The wind farms, gas rig, passing shipping and the colours on the cliffs were particularly clear this morning, when we walked along the promenade. The clarity was the sort you would expect on a morning of blue skies and sunshine, not one which was overcast. Looking along the coast, the different shades of the cloud cover against the sea and the colours on the sea defences, coupled with the clarity was, as my photo shows, one of subtle contrasts.


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