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Thursday 17th February 2022 - Suspension and Addition

A sad day yesterday; it was formally recorded that Overstrand Women’s Institute will be put into suspension from 31st March. Our group has been forced into this situation due to a drop in members which has made us financially unviable. The WI advisor, who is designated to our group, attended yesterday afternoon’s meeting to take care of the formalities. She told us that twenty two other WI groups in the County are also being suspended; so we are not the only ones forced to make the same decision. Before we wrap everything up, we have arranged afternoon tea at the Sea Marge in early March and later in the month our final meeting will be one of reminiscing and looking through the scrapbooks. Suspension means, if it is possible to reform within the next three years, we can pick up more or less as we are now but if after the three years this has not happened the group will be closed and all records will be lodged at Norfolk Records Office. On a lighter note, current members have decided to meet from time to time, on an informal basis. The re-opened Potty Shed Tea Rooms at the Garden Centre was suggested as a possible venue where we can have a natter over a cuppa and the all essential slice of cake, followed by topping up on our gardening requirements.

I was really pleased to see that Poppyland Radio has added a feature to their website whereby you can listen to earlier broadcasts listeners may have missed. I am usually in the kitchen cooking dinner between six and seven and therefore, it is not practical to listen at this time. Now I will be able to catch up, at my leisure. We plan to attend the formal launching of Poppyland Radio on Saturday, so more about this new venture next week.

Today’s photo was taken this morning, just around high tide, with Cromer Pier in the background. The waves were rolling in nicely and looking east, some were breaking over the promenade – not a place to be taking a morning stroll. Storm Dudley has had little effect here but it may be a different story when Storm Eunice hits us tomorrow. The winds will be stronger and the tides higher, touching five metres; maybe even higher if as forecast, the winds turn from the south to a more westerly direction.


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