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Thursday 17th August 2023 - Variable, Overstrand Fills Up and New Noticeboard

Walking out early morning on Monday and Tuesday mornings, there was a definite autumnal chill in the air. We were not the only ones to make this comment but Wednesday morning was totally different; very pleasantly warm which continued through most of the day. This morning there was a chilly breeze which made me wonder why I had put on a dress and not jeans, as we headed towards the front on our early morning walk. No better after a visit to the car boot sale (yes, I did buy a plant!) resulting in me changing into jeans before I went out in the garden to trim the olive trees and plant my car boot purchase; a low growing phlox. However, the temperature has bucked up this afternoon; it’s quite warm, attracting visitors to the beach but I have not been tempted to change again. I’m going to stick with my jeans because if I do change, the temperatures are bound to drop! These are some examples of how our weather, here on the North Norfolk coast, can fluctuate, as well as the sort of summer we are having - variable.

We are definitely seeing changes, not just earlier in the week when the early morning felt autumnal. A few weeks ago, when I woke around 3.30 am in the morning, or I should say, when Sid our cat woke me, the sky was starting to turn shades of red as sunrise approached but now, apart from any moonlight, it’s quite dark. It’s similar at the other end of the day, losing light at 9 pm, whereas a few weeks ago it was still light gone 10 pm. On a couple of evenings, we have seen the bats again. They were out dipping and diving in the skies at dusk, earlier in the year, but we haven’t seen them during the summer. I am surmising, they went elsewhere to breed and raise a family, returning now to feast on the night flying insects; fattening up in preparation for hibernation.

Cromer Carnival is always a great attraction in August, with masses of people flooding into the town to stay or as day visitors. Fairly safe to say, there isn’t an empty bed to be found in the town or spaces on campsites, during Carnival week. Yesterday was Carnival Day, and it looked as though those who wanted to come to the coast for a day on the beach, opted for Overstrand instead of trying to find parking in Cromer. Yesterday afternoon was the busiest we have seen the village this year. Cars were parked on Carr Lane and the High Street and the car park was nearly full. As for the beach there was still plenty of room, unlike the footage we saw recently of a packed beach in Dorset, so families were able to be well spaced, and not crowded together.

Today’s photo is of the new noticeboard on the sports field’s fence, at the corner of the High Street with Harbord Road. Prior to this, notices were pinned directly onto the fence but when they were removed, for the most part, the staples and drawing pins were left in situ which did look a mess. I should add, and at the risk of seeming a ‘goody two shoes’, I always make sure I remove the pins when I take down notices relating the British Legion Poppy Appeal.


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