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Thursday 14th April 2022 - Studio Practice and THV Patricia

I booked a slot in Poppyland Radio’s studio for Tuesday morning so that I could practice and gain more confidence using the equipment. Peter came along too, as programme guest. We recorded two short programmes and listened to them before deleting. We had a script which enabled me to concentrate on buttons and sliders etc. Peter related key information about his career, prior to moving here to Overstrand and then continued with life for us, here in the village. As he spoke, it soon became apparent how much our lives have changed from when we first we moved here, thirteen years ago. Initially we were involved in many village activities, clubs and eating out but now live a far more parochial life; this is in part down to Covid. As far as the village is concerned, we are now quite content doing our morning litter picks when walking Barney and for me, maintaining Overstrand Life’s website, writing blogs about our life in Overstrand and keeping up the Facebook page too. But, subject to approval of my first recorded programme, I will be taking a step back into village activities.

With the sun not long up, it is has been a bit hazy when we walk Barney in the morning. Catching the sun this morning, we saw the THV Patricia anchored off the coast. The vessel belongs to Trinity House and spends it’s time (well the crew do), on a number of maritime tasks which are covered on their website. It has to be a couple of years or more ago since we last saw the Patricia at anchor. At the time I included information, in one of my blogs, about the cruises run by Trinity House. With a maximum of twelve passengers, who are accommodated in what was described as a floating country house, it sounded quite interesting but since Covid came on the scene, cruises are no longer offered. Today’s photo was taken on full zoom, so what with this and the haze, clarity is poor but you can see the sun has lit the two tall structures standing high above the deck and funnel.


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