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Sunday 8th May 2022 - Improved, Programme Preparations and Folk on the Pier

Barney has continued to improve and is now pretty well back to his normal geriatric state of health. He was clipped on Thursday and his groomer said it was probably his heart murmur that was behind the episode. If this is the case, we can probably expect to see more occurrences of these scares.

I have had meetings, well more like chats, this week with two villagers who will be guests on my Poppyland Radio programme, Then & Now. Time in the studio has been booked and I am now preparing a ‘menu’ for each show and deciding what music to play. Walking, on Friday morning, to the other end of the village, via the promenade, for a meeting/chat I just had to stop and take photos of the perfectly calm sea and the blue sky with fading vapour trails.

We enjoyed Saturday’s birthday treat which was a gift, in the form of two tickets to Folk on the Pier to the evening performance. We have seen the final act Feast of Fiddles before, so I knew I was in for a treat and I was certainly not disappointed. Six fiddlers, a squeeze box, two guitars, keyboard and drums equated to eleven on stage giving it their all and entertaining the audience. An amazing performance.

Finally, today’s photo is one of the shots I took on Friday morning.


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