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Sunday 7th November 2021 - The Marmite Relationship, a Small Start and End of Season

Fireworks – now that’s a controversial topic. They are a bit like Marmite; either loved or hated. They are loved for their entertainment value and hated for their impact on the environment, wildlife, pets and by those who suffer from PTSD. There were certainly plenty of fireworks let off in the area, on Friday evening and yesterday too. Judging by the amount of litter on and near the car park this morning (it has not been cleared and still laying there this afternoon) there was a good attendance at the village fireworks and bonfire yesterday evening. The gulls were doing their bit towards the clean-up; eating the discarded chips. When we first moved here, the village fireworks and bonfire was a small affair and held on the field, crops permitting, opposite the church. It is now a much larger and more publicised event and one which we no longer attend. Why, you may ask? Well, twenty minutes of bangs does not go down well with our cat Sid, who last night shot off out of the lounge, where he was sleeping, to take refuge under what he considered, the safety of our bed. As for part feral Lunar, I don’t know where she spent the night, definitely not in our conservatory, as she usually does. So far she has missed both her supper last night and this morning’s breakfast. I am hoping she will return when hunger gets the better of fear. As for Barney, well he is totally laid back and has in the past sat and watched firework displays, whereas we hear that some dogs have to be sedated. I could continue and talk about the effects of fireworks on the environment, wildlife and people with PTSD but I think I have said enough on the subject – it’s time to move on.

I suppose Christmas is another for the Marmite love/hate relationship; there are definitely different opinions about this celebration. I think a lot of people have already made a start on preparations. This statement is backed up by the media reports of supermarket shelves being stripped of seasonal goodies. I have made a small start; general cards purchased, wreath base delivered and one present ready to send. I will buy family cards when I am in Cromer this week, for a visit to the hairdressers and I have added a couple of extra baking items to our next online grocery order. We try to support charities when buying cards, not always easy as some seem to be excessively pricey and I wonder how much actually ends up in the charity’s pocket. In the past I have made them and also purchased really cheap cards, in each case donating what we have not spent to a charity. This year, I decided to let the picture on the cards be my guide, rather than pick a specific charity.

I am not sure if there will be any more crabs for sale from Andy’s shop this season. Recent boisterous seas and spring tides have made launching difficult and at times impossible, plus, as can be seen in today’s photo, the gear is now being brought up ready to be cleaned, repaired and stored ready for next year.


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