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Sunday 5th September 2021 - Got It Right and Added Bonus

It was a good job I didn’t bet on the forecast changing by Friday because for once they (I am referring to the BBC weather app) got it right. We even had a couple of glimpses yesterday of the almost forgotten, orange ball of fire in the sky. The sky cleared of clouds late this morning but before that we could feel an increase in recent temperatures. We took Barney for his usual walk first thing and then, after breakfast, headed across the fields in search of blackberries and sloes. Considering the amount of rain we have had this summer we were surprised to see how small the blackberries are. We expected to find succulent fruits, the sort which stain your fingers when you pick an over ripe one. On our return we did find one area that looks promising but they need some days of warm sun before they are fully ripe. On the other hand, we had no trouble filling our pot with sloes and, in the end, we did manage to pick enough blackberries to make blackberry vodka. The sloes will be used for sloe gin, both drinks will be enjoyed over Christmas and following months of winter. As we walked, it was a delight to see a number of red admiral butterflies about. All were in good condition and no doubt making the most of the last of the flowers before they hibernate.

On Friday I applied a weed and feed product to our lawn. I am not sure this particular product is going to kill all the weeds but it does seem to be effective against slugs. As I have mentioned in earlier blogs, we have had a plague of slugs in our garden this year. This morning there were a number of dead slugs both on the path and on the grass, so I am assuming something in the weed and feed resulted in their demise. I see this as an added bonus to killing, if not all, some of the weeds.

That’s all I am going to say today, after so many grey chilly days I am off outdoors to enjoy the sunshine. Before I do, I have a couple of photos to share with you, taken on this morning’s walk. They are of a cluster of sloes, just waiting to be picked, and a mature gall on a dog rose.

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