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Sunday 5th April 2020 - Kindness, Telephones, Helping and End of Life's Journey

As we walked out with Barney this morning, I thought about what I was going to write in today’s blog. ‘Nothing has happened,’ was my first thought but then a few ‘things’ came to mind. Sitting down this afternoon, to write my blog, I wonder if I will remember all of these ‘things’.

The first ‘thing’ that comes to mind is the act of kindness shown to a Paramedic. Finishing his shift, on Thursday morning, he went to Cromer’s Lidl and joined the queue waiting for the 8 a.m. opening. Firstly, he was ushered to the front of the queue and then when checking out his purchases, a lady stepped forward and paid. I only found out about this when our eldest son sent me a link to the report on the BBC News website. Strange that North Norfolk News did not pick up on this piece of news.

Yesterday, following the theft of copper wiring, a number of homes in Overstrand were left without a telephone landline. The wiring was dug up from the land behind the Garden Centre. Open Reach were soon on the case and I understand lines were available again around lunch time. This was the first I have heard of this type of theft but I gather it is not uncommon.

During the Covid-19 crisis there are a number of people and businesses trying to help everyone live their lives as normally as possible. I have already mentioned Michael, who owns the village shop, and who is only serving villagers. The Garden Centre is offering to deliver not only garden essentials but pet and bird foods too. The service they are offering has been boosted by Crayford and Abbs loaning them a van for deliveries. It’s all about villagers supporting local businesses, businesses supporting villagers and in turn businesses supporting each other.

With blue skies and sunshine forecast for the weekend, we have been wondering if the village would be inundated with inconsiderate people coming to Overstrand, in the same numbers as they did two weeks ago. Yes, we have seen people about who don’t live here but nothing like the previous numbers. Is the Government’s message of staying at home and staying safe getting through? I saw residents of a regular destination for tourists in Suffolk were putting up banners saying ‘Please Respect Us. Don’t Infect Us’. One thing the good weather has brought out is, plenty of insects, some of which included a Peacock butterfly have been helping pollinate the greengage blossom.

Apart from deaths from Covid-19, there have been others who have come to the end of life’s journey. My friend of well over fifty years has suddenly lost her brother, the husband of friends in Northrepps has lost his fight against Cancer, and this morning my mother passed peacefully away. As an only-child I will deal with everything that has to be dealt with for my mother but I know I will have support and help from Peter and our two sons. In view of my mother’s passing, I may not be posting my blogs quite so regularly over the coming weeks and months.

Take care all and stay safe.


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