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Sunday 18th April 2021 - Photos!

Today, I am doing what a number of other bloggers do when they don’t have a lot to write about; post photos! All of the following were taken on one of our afternoon walks. I have added captions for some extra interest.

Pussy Willows now burst open and attracting a variety of insects, none of which obliged by posing for a photograph.

There are a lot of ladybirds on the alexanders this year. These two are doing their best to increase numbers further.

Wonderful colour contrasts between a radiant blue sky and the white of the blackthorn blossom. When the blossom falls the ground is covered in white petals that could almost be confetti.

A closer shot of the blackthorn blossom – so beautiful. Given the abundance of blossom this year we should see a good crop of sloes; the all essential ingredient for sloe gin.

This little fellow serenaded us as we walked down a track. Robins are seen as the gardener’s friend. Unfortunately, being a territorial bird, they are not friendly towards each other.

And finally, unfortunately a bit out of focus, a bank of primroses – such a delight to see and one of my favourite flowers.


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