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Saturday 16th January 2021 - First for Four Years and Fines

We woke this morning to a light sprinkling of snow. The layers continued building through the morning before an increase in temperatures turned snowfall to rain, resulting in a partial thaw. Going back through my photos, we have not had snow since January 2017, and that could only really be classified as a sprinkling. It is definitely a first for Sid, who sat looking out of our conservatory window with a puzzled look on his face, no doubt wondering what this strange white stuff was all about. When he saw his next door feline neighbour running about and playing in our garden, he ventured out and joined in the fun. After a while they both got bored and since then Sid has spent most of today indoors. Barney, who always loved rolling in the snow, showed less enthusiasm than in the past. Getting older, snow seems to have lost its fascination for him – it appears to be the same for most of us older humans too!

Social media is full of picturesque photos of the snow. The conditions have resulted in a number of vehicle accidents in the area. North Norfolk News reported the Police may be fining those involved in accidents, if it is discovered their journey was one which falls into the non-essential category and currently banned under lockdown. With more of a Police presence about than usual, visitors who came to the coast to see the seals and others who came from London to their second home, have been issued with fines. This goes to show, a trip which falls outside the current rules could be costly - it pays to stay in your locality.

Very overcast with the clouds full of snow when I ventured out, one of the photos I took depicts a rather grey scene.


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