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Monday 6th November 2023 - Editing Videos, Village Fireworks and a Day Without Rain

In some way, for me, the wet weather has been welcome. It has meant, more time indoors to try to edit the videos I’ve recorded. The trial software I downloaded wouldn’t play the audio on mts files, produced on the camcorder, but was fine with mp4’s taken on my phone. I contacted the provider and they had to pass the problem with mts files to a more specialist team who were going to email me, but never did. The other morning, before it started raining, I set the camcorder to record mp4 files and made about four recordings in our garden. I edited them, not a lot really just put them together and then added some text comments; when played it was fine. I decided to go ahead and purchase the software, and guess what, it takes the audio on mts files but they won’t play on Media Player. I will have another ‘play’ around and if necessary, record only mp4’s and not in the better quality mts format.

The Parish Council, who organise the fireworks and bonfire in the village, had to make the decision, given the weather conditions, as to whether the event should go ahead on Saturday evening. One of the Councillors posted on NextDoor, they would decide at 4pm. However, there were no further updates and I received a number of enquiries on Overstrand Life’s Facebook page. In the end, at 5 pm Peter walked to the car park in the rain, where he was told, currently it was going ahead and it did. We didn’t go, both our cat Sid and our part feral cat Lunar are far from fans of the bangs. Instead, we watched the start of the display, which went on for about 30 minutes, from our conservatory.

At last, today we have had a day when it hasn’t rained. I’ve been out in the garden, catching up on the jobs that need doing in the autumn, in the flower borders at the back. However, the grass has remained wet and not good for mowing. Peter is getting quite frustrated at not being able to cut the grass for what will probably be the last mow of 2023.

Almost the end of another crab and lobster season. The gear is being brought in and left above the promenade, as can be seen in the photo, before it is moved up to the Fishermens’ shed for revamping ready for the new season in 2024.


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