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Friday 22nd October 2021 - Changes, Difficult to Decipher and Floods & Winds

I’m sitting here, at our dining table, while in the background I can hear our boiler purring away. We have only needed to occasionally put the central heating on during the day this month but today there has been a distinct drop in temperature, so we have left it to run throughout the day. There is another reason for having the heating on; we had our lounge furniture cleaned yesterday and the warmth from the radiators is helping dry out the remaining moisture in the seat cushions. We have moved the conservatory chairs into the lounge but these are not practical to sit on with my laptop on my knees, hence me sitting at the dining table. I won’t be here too long, as sitting in this position gives me a pain in the back of my neck.

With the weather forecast predicting winds, rain and a drop in temperature, I decided on Wednesday morning, the time had come for a change of clothes. Of course, that doesn’t mean I have been wearing the same attire, day in day out and week in week out; the time had come to put away shorts and t-shirts and bring out gloves, scarves and thicker tops etc. As I packed my lightweight tops away, I found there were some I hadn’t worn this year; a sign that our summer was a cool one. On the other hand, my thicker tops usually come out early October, so this must show early autumn has been quite mild – well that is, up until today.

In the afternoon, I went to our WI meeting where a member gave a talk about her husband’s family history going back into the 1800’s. She circulated various pieces of memorabilia, including letters. I have never seen a letter with writing going down the page and then to save paper, continued across the page. It made it very difficult to decipher what was being conveyed to the recipient but I guess the more often you received a letter written like this, the easier it would have become to read.

A quick return to the weather forecast. The rain has resulted in floods in the area and further up the coast, while the wind has brought down leaves and branches. This morning, while the sun made its debut over the horizon, the sea was dramatic with waves crashing over the promenade. No dramatic photos today, just one of the two boards at the entrance to the car park advertising two forthcoming village events; the Parish Council’s Firework and Bonfire and Overstrand Together’s Christmas Bazaar.


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